Note on the Use of Pronouns

Regarding the use of inclusive language, much has been done to challenge the dominant and exclusionary position of the neutral masculine within the scholarly community, both in research activity and in institutional communication. This work, however, is an ongoing process, and is in many ways still experimental.  

It is not a matter of limiting ourselves so as to better articulate a normative understanding of identity by multiplying the use of pronouns and inflections and adopting a nomenclature that, as such, risks further reproducing stereotypes. Indeed, we subscribe to a performative notion of identity, which is our very object of study.

That said, we believe that a major aim of a research group is to create a safe zone in which each and every member has an equal agency to speak and assert his or her authority, in full awareness that gender-based discrimination does not exhaust the full spectrum of individual and collective discrimination.

For these reasons, members of PIS are free to specify the pronouns they go by, which may be indicated in a biographical note.